About Me

    I am an artist, creator, gardner, entrepreneur but most importantly a mom- who decided, when my twins arrived, to stay home and make a bigger difference in the lives of my children than in the corporate world.  Being a mommy is the most important job I have ever had in my life and is my top


    I have always had a creative feather in my hat and I jump at the chance to make something rather than buy it off the
shelf like everybody else. I hate conformity. I'd much rather be the red bead in a sea of blue.

    I live outside Columbus, Ohio with my husband and three children.  To celebrate the purchase of our first home, I


My Children...


sculpted a replica of our new house out of polymer clay.  The outside lighting, the landscaping and the shutters were all added to give the ornament texture and a two dimensional feel.  

    Neighbors and friends asked me where I got it.  When I explained that I had made it, I started receiving requests.  I create these made to order - custom house ornaments and sell in my shop on  I've now made over 1,000 of these unique treasures for customers across the globe.  People are simply delighted with them.

    Together with my husband, we've turned this hobby of mine into a successful business.  While I maintain the creative side, my husband is in charge of record keeping and shipping and receiving.  

    I welcome the opportunity to create something special and unique for you.

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Currently, I am booked into 2017.  If you'd like more information on how you can get "in line," please contact me.

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